The EDP Group’s distributor has implemented a complete security strategy in its Operating Technologies

Telefónica has awarded the security of Viesgo’s infrastructures with the “Best implementation of OT security strategy” award. This award encourages the EDP Group distributor to continue betting on innovation and digitization of its infrastructures and to work on continuous improvement in terms of security and cybersecurity.

The recognition, which reinforces the company’s commitment to safety, is related to the cultural change produced in the company, which has made people aware, internalizing the importance of following safety requirements and consulting any cybersecurity question.

The term “OT security” identifies anomalous network behavior, applies network security policies, and tracks local changes to devices, so that the organization can detect and mitigate risk events in environments. industrial control systems such as distribution companies.

Attacks on an industrial network, unlike IT networks, where data, network devices and company assets are affected, put human lives at risk or can even cause environmental impact damage, therefore It is essential to protect these types of systems from computer attacks, isolating them with protocols, using specialized software, physical security and with limited access to trained personnel.

Ensuring security in infrastructures and equipment is vital in our company, since we offer an essential service, so it is a priority that all members of the company are aware of the importance of avoiding risks, avoiding any threat and know the security protocols.

In the photo, the people from EDP who received the award from the president of Telefónica Spain, Emilio Gayo. From left to right, Gonzalo Olaso, José Antonio Sánchez, Miguel Setas and Miguel Mateos.