Smart grids improve the efficiency of distribution and of the use of electricity, proving useful information to users regarding decision making and making a wide range of remote procedures easier thanks to smart meters. Hence, users receive a more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable electricity supply.

Furthermore, this type of electricity grid offers self-consumption and more space for the electric vehicle, an element that is set to be the cornerstone of future mobility. The correct integration of smart grids will allow for the creation of new business models associated to the different links in the value chain and will incorporate more efficient and lower scale generation technologies that are more environment friendly.

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Viesgo was the first company to deploy smart meters and their operational implementation, leading to a reduction in average response times for our customers and improving their level of satisfaction. Our remotely-managed meters are prepared for when the development of self-consumption is a reality for all our customers. Since then, their benefits have been reaped by all those involved: the end consumer, with fewer incidents and greater access to information on the energy used, retail operators, and our company in its role as distributor.

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