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Innovation and digitalization, a cornerstone to progress

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Viesgo’s business strategy, enabling us to improve our processes and the productivity of our employees, as well as a means of strengthening company competitiveness and efficiency. In Viesgo, innovation is not only related to the implementation of new technologies but also involves people in all the development processes. Although innovation involves all areas of the business, as an infrastructure company we focus our efforts on the energy distribution and generation businesses as key leverage in responding to the energy transition.


Innovation and Digitaization projects


This is a dynamic management system for the distribution networks that allows for real-time monitoring of the transmission capacity of electrical distribution lines, improving the operations of the electrical system and increasing the integration capacity of renewable energies, thus responding to the growing demand of the economy for electrification.


An acronym for the Spanish Detección de Pérdidas No Técnicas (Detection of Non-Technical Losses), this programme detects irregularities and non-technical losses in the low-voltage distribution network. Therefore, thanks to the use of predictive and technical data analysis models, as well as the data provided by smart meters, we are able to improve detection times and reduce lost energy.

Red Activa

In collaboration with other companies from the sector and funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Viesgo is a member of the Red Activa project that strives to optimise the automation of smart grids, improving their efficiency. Different solutions have been developed for this, such as the implementation of systems for the early detection of service downtime in the electricity network.


Closely related to energy transition, the LOCATE project involves the smart, automated management of the low-voltage network, offering new processes such as distributed generation or the recharging of electric vehicles. Viesgo forms part of this project, included in the RETOS programme by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which will enable us to carry out our business in a more sustainable manner.

Virtual Training

A project that combines innovation, training and occupational risk prevention. Thanks to this software, we create virtual environments to provide on-site distribution network maintenance and operating personnel with improved learning in certain operations in substations that are classed as critical due to their extreme complexity. This training shows Viesgo’s concern for the Health and Safety of its employees.

Predictive Maintenance

One of the most technologically innovative projects involves Predictive Maintenance, headed by Viesgo in partnership with General Electric to create an advanced digital system that informs of the status and predicts the working life of the different assets of the distribution network. The programme is based on a software application for big data analysis.

More efficient wind turbines

Viesgo is to have a wind turbine model known as the G132 in the El Marquesado wind farm in the province of Cadiz, which is extremely revolutionary in renewable energies. Its cooling and ventilation system allows for a reduction in generating power in accordance with the increase in ambient temperature without the need to completely stop the wind turbine due to high temperatures in the area.

Greening project in Los Barrios

The cornerstone of the major greening project at the Los Barrios thermal power plant is the selective catalytic reactor (SCR), a technological milestone that denitrifies the combustion gases of the Los Barrios thermal power plant to set them below the limits established by the European Union, making this plant one of the most efficient in Spain and Europe.

Energy storage

In San Vicente del Monte, Cantabria, a pilot project (a pioneer in northern Spain) for energy storage has been carried out, with which it is possible to guarantee the electricity supply in isolated areas in the event of grid failures. Thanks to this new technology, it contributes to the improvement of the quality of the service and the well-being of the user. With an investment of 225,000 euros and four months of execution, it is planned to implement this innovative system in more municipalities in Cantabria, Asturias, Lugo and northern Castilla y León.

Photovoltaic instalation

With the aim of making our wind farms increasingly efficient and sustainable, a photovoltaic solar installation project for self-consumption is being carried out in the substation of the Mingorrubio Wind Farm (Albacete). In this way, 100% of the energy generated for the self-supply of the auxiliary services of the substation and the control center of the wind farm will come from this installation, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Supporting and promoting innovation in Spain

Innovation is in our bloodline. So much so, that it is one of our four values as a company. Innovation is a key driving force to change the world, but even more so if we are capable of innovating sustainably. In other words, having a positive impact on the environment and using technology as the main tool. With this goal in mind, we have recently joined the APD Manifest for the Innovation of Spain, which includes the commitment of all companies, organisations, and management teams interested in urgently promoting innovation as a driving force behind the competitiveness of our country in an inclusive and sustainable environment.

As a responsible company, Viesgo is committed to each and every point of the manifest, and we continue to work on improving our processes, with our innovation, responsibility, excellence and leadership values in mind to become a benchmark in the development of Spain as a competitive country in terms of innovation.

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