Viesgo is committed to defending natural resource, which is why we have a philosophy of control and optimisation in the responsible use and consumption of water as a limited and vital element for life. We are therefore working towards efficiently managing water resources, considering the acquisition and waste generated primarily in the convention generation business.

In our thermal power plants, water is primarily consumed in processes, fire-fighting services and the production of demineralised water, without considering the amount used for cooling, as this is returned to its source.

El uso del agua y los ODS

Further information on the Sustainable Development Goals in relation to use of water:


The water acquired in our plants comes from the sea and from lakes, and all extraction sources are controlled by the Public Authorities. Included among our most noteworthy activities to safeguard this scarce asset are the reuse of water in the plants and the purification process of the water released back to the source from which it was extracted.

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