Electric mobility

Promoting sustainable change

At the start of 2019, development of a mobility plan for the company began, focusing on three lines of action:

  • Vehicle fleet analysis: journeys, vehicles, and frequency of use.
  • Replacement of all possible vehicles with others in an electric or pluggable hybrid version.
  • Installation of new charging stations at the work sites.

This means that 36% of our vehicle fleet is now electrified, 25 of which are 100% electric and the remaining 12 are pluggable hybrid. This change has meant that 31% of the kilometres we cover by road each year (almost 2 million kilometres) offer zero emissions.

Charging stations

Furthermore, in response to this fleet electrification, 46 new semi-fast 22kW charging stations and one fast 50kW station have been installed at the different work sites, in addition to the 25 already installed. Worth noting along these lines is that the energy to be used at all our sites to charge the vehicles will be 100% renewable.

Thanks to this sustainable electric mobility project, we hope to achieve a reduction of almost 20% in our carbon footprint in direct emissions produced through the use of vehicles in scope 1 of our carbon footprint

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Culture and education

We support the promotion of culture through agreements such as our link with the Botín Centre.

Health and sport

We promote sport and healthy lifestyles in the areas where we are present.

Sustainable Development Goals

Committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals