Climate change

Climate change

One of our most ambitious projects is the progressive electrification of our fleet until the number of pluggable electric and hybrid vehicles exceeds one third of the total, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions and other pollutant gases of around 20%. In addition to this, the plan to install recharging points at our work sites.

De forma específica, el negocio de Distribución está concluyendo la eliminación de equipos que contengan policlorobifenilos (PCBs) utilizados en centros de transformación de subestaciones y líneas de baja y media tensión. En 2016 comenzamos su retirada voluntaria y, a día de hoy, ya se han eliminado el 99% de los equipos.

Another programme being developed by Viesgo is the short-term implementation of renewable energy production technologies in substations in order to progressively replace the conventional power supply with renewable energy. This project is currently underway at four sites: Pico Gallo, Boimente, PCTCAN and Mazuelas.

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Energy transition

We play an active and responsible role in promoting the energy transition in our country.

Use of water

Commited with the efficient water management for ensuring a sustainable future.


We cooperate actively with organisations such as SEO/Birdlife to promote the protection of birds.