Commitment to the environment

At Viesgo we strive to minimise the impact of our business on the environment in which we operate, supporting the sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity and the reduction of emissions. We assess and analyse any risk that our business might have on the environment and have environmental certificates in acknowledgement of our leadership in environmental management, closely linked with our value of Responsibility.

As well as our commitment to caring for the environment, preventing climate change and preserving biodiversity, at Viesgo we have measured our carbon footprint to analyse the impact of our business throughout the Distribution zone and to continue working permanently on our emission control and reduction policy. This management highlights our aim to become one of the most socially responsible electricity companies in Spain.

Infografia medio ambiente

The European Commission, in its “European Growth Strategy 2020” and the initiative “The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe”, establishes the goals and means for ensuring the growth of today's economy is based on the efficient use of resources. Proof of this is our Circular Economy plan in which we set internal guidelines for the treatment and management of waste, the promotion of responsible consumption or the design of work sites with energy efficiency criteria, the best example of which is our new operations office at the Santander Science and Technology Park (PCTCAN).

Furthermore, we promote electric mobility at the work sites through the electrification of our fleet of vehicles to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yet another of Viesgo’s projects supporting the decarbonisation of the economy, and promoting electrification, smart grids and responsible consumption.

Environmental monitoring

At Viesgo, we have a notification and investigation system for incidents reported by company employees. Especially relevant are the incidents classed as “no consequences”, thanks to which we can detect possible risk situations and adopt preventive measures.

Climate change

Viesgo y cambio climático

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 is Climate change, which is one of the main challenges facing mankind to stop the planet’s temperature from rising. Along these lines, Viesgo is actively committed to starting different action plans.

Viesgo y cambio climático
Viesgo y biodiversidad

Preserving biodiversity

Viesgo y biodiversidad

Another environmental mainstay of Viesgo is the protection of biodiversity, the main goal of which is to guarantee the preservation of species and ecosystems. We have an action plan for the 2018-2028 period that ensures our electricity distribution networks and wind farms.

Use water

Uso del agua

Water is a fundamental resource for all our activities, and at Viesgo we are convinced that efficient water management is essential for ensuring a sustainable future and tackling water shortages. Therefore, Viesgo makes every effort to use water responsibility in all group activities.

Uso del agua

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Culture and education

We support the promotion of culture through agreements such as our link with the Botín Centre.

Health and sport

We promote sport and healthy lifestyles in the areas where we are present.


We launch specific campaigns to protect birdlife in areas where we do business.