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The energy transition towards a sustainable model is the major goal of the electricity sector. But what is the energy transition? It is basically the evolution towards an economy of low greenhouse gas emissions that involves the in-depth transformation of the electricity system, structured around three basic pillars: renewable energies, electricity networks and electrification. The last two are possibly the least known of the process. Electricity networks will play an active role, as they will be responsible for integrating renewable energy generation into the system and because, due to electrification, demand will notably increase. Electrification consists of replacing fossil fuels with electricity in all sectors of activity, such as the electric vehicle.

Along these lines, Viesgo is to become a key player in the energy transition in Spain. On one hand, it will contribute towards the change in the generation pattern by deploying renewable energies. On the other, it will modernise and adapt the electricity networks to the new mode, the most evident proof of which is our leadership in the deployment of smart meters and the implementation of active management systems in the distribution network for the integration of renewable energies.

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