Sustainability Report 2019

At Viesgo, sustainability forms part of all our business processes. Our Sustainability model includes sustainable practices in all of the every-day activities in order to respond to its three mainstays: environment, social, and corporate governance.


Innovation is one of the values and principles guiding Viesgo and enabling it to foster competitiveness and effectiveness in all areas of the company. In 2018 we invest over 3.9 million euros in developing projects in different lines of business, with the emphasis on renewable energies and distribution.Smart grids, predictive maintenance, network automation, efficient wind turbines and virtual safety training are just some of the main projects in which we are involved.


Aware of the fact that climate change and threats to biodiversity are two of today’s major problems, Viesgo is involved in action to mitigate their effects and help preserve the environment in which we perform our activity. Our commitment is for energy generation and distribution, as the mainstays of our business, to be undertaken in an environment-friendly manner, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and encouraging energy efficiency.

Compromiso con los ODS

Good health and well-being

We promote the care of the health and safety of our collectives.


Gender equality

We develop equality and work-life balance plans.


Affordable and clean energy

We support the generation of clean, inexhaustible and renewable energy.

Industry and innovation

We optimise our infrastructure network,
supported by innovation.


Climate action

We are committed to fighting climate change
and the decarbonisation of the economy.