The tender process is a mechanism that Viesgo uses to select its suppliers. This transparent system is adapted to technical criteria to ensure the tender is awarded objectively, based on optimum quality and service. The Purchasing process guarantees transparency, objectiveness and competence, and is compliant with Spanish Law 31/07 (in companies where this regulation is legally applicable) and the different European Directives (92/13/EEC and 2004/17/EC) relating to the Procurement procedures for allocating contracts to third parties that involve Works, Supplies and/or Services.

European Tenders

As a contracting company in the energy sector, Viesgo is subject to compliance with the regulations and procedures indicated by the EU.


Terms and Conditions of Contract for Works, Services and Supplies

At Viesgo, quality and excellence form part of the company’s DNA, and companies wishing to become suppliers of Viesgo must meet certain set requirements. These requirements can be seen in our Terms and Conditions of Contract, which include such important fields as internal quality control, acceptance of our code of ethics, compliance with occupational health and safety measures, responsible procurement, or environment protection, among others.

Code of Ethics

Viesgo is committed towards a way of understanding how business is done in which, based on strict compliance with the law, respect for the rights of the people with whom it relates, environment protection, commitment towards the community and the prevention of bad practice play a key role. Along these lines, companies working with Viesgo agree to fulfil the provisions included the Viesgo Code of Ethics.

nvoicing and Payment Conditions

The payment regulations for Viesgo Companies defines a single payment day a month to Suppliers and Creditors. This payment day will be the third-to-last working day of the month. Viesgo has an invoice management system (Interprisa) and early payment discount system (BilliB).

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Viesgo uses Ariba Sourcing as a tool for posting on-line tenders. If you are a supplier of Viesgo you can register with Ariba following receipt of an e-mail. Read the following guides on how to register with Ariba and make any bids in this system:


Viesgo has implemented a new electronic platform for Supplier Information Management (

The objective of this platform is to improve and streamline the management of our suppliers’ information, as well as the management of risks associated with our supply chain.

If you are not a Viesgo supplier and wish to be one, you can register for free through the following link: Acceso a GoSupply