With our value of innovation always present, we have developed a pilot energy storage project that will allow, in areas with complex orography or far from urban centers, to guarantee the electricity supply of the inhabitants.

This new technology has been installed in the Cantabrian municipality of San Vicente del Monte where 200 inhabitants have seen their electricity grid infrastructure reinforced with a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly technological solution.

This pilot is connected to the low voltage network (400 V) of the San Vicente de Monte transformation center and its main technical characteristics are 250 kVA of power and 232 kWh of energy. This means that, for an average consumption of 50 kWh in San Vicente del Monte during the day, we can guarantee the supply to this town for approximately 5 hours.

Thanks to this project we have managed to eliminate the supply cut-off time in the event of a breakdown. The system is also prepared to support the conventional network and prevent it from experiencing incidents or breakdowns in the face of excess energy demand.

Faced with this successful project, the first of its kind to be developed in Viesgo, and one of the first for storage nationwide, it is planned to implement this solution in other locations in our distribution area, which spans Cantabria, Asturias, Lugo and north of Castilla y León.