Viesgo has one of its most important headquarters at Cantabria Technology Park and another is to be housed in a new building that will be used as a control and operations centre for our electricity network. The project is included in Viesgo’s 2017-21 Industrial Plan and in the Distribution Investment Plan approved by the Regional Government of Cantabria. The new building at Santander technology park involves an investment of 4.4 million euros and the work is in its final stages. It has been built on a floor area of 3,075 square metres and a plot measuring 1,850 square metres, and 125 employees are to work there, despite it having a maximum capacity to hold 160. 

The property has three floors, which are to house the new Viesgo control centre, the hardware safety installations and the network maintenance work for Cantabria. A workshop, offices, changing rooms, meeting rooms, a clothes-drying room for on-site employees, a warehouse, a gym and a covered garage with 44 spaces have also been built. The exterior appearance is similar to that of Viesgo’s current headquarters at the PCTCAN, with a design based on cube shapes, slatted solar protection and the use of weathering steel as the main material. 

An innovative, sustainable building at Santander Technology Park

The design of this sophisticated complex includes key aspects such as innovation, sustainability, operating safety, and efficiency, which will help improve the quality of supply, as the building is equipped with state-of-the-art systems for network operations. Furthermore, thanks to the characteristics of the centre, more effective and coordinate scheduling of the work is expected, leading to a reduction in response times to incidents in the distribution network. This is one of the first buildings in Cantabria to use the innovative BIM (Building Information Modelling) method for the digital creation and management of building and civil engineering projects. BIM allows for all project information to be centralised into a single digital model throughout its working life. This model, which uses dynamic 3D software, treats each item (structures, HVAC installations, etc.) as design units with their own technical specifications. 

The main advantage of this system is that its use does not end during the infrastructure construction phase, but instead it is essential at a later date during their examination. This technology is in line with Viesgo’s continuous support for the most state-of-the-art technologies, aimed at process improvement and increased safety. In fact, the control centre is Viesgo’s only critical infrastructure to be acknowledged by the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and, therefore, it will meet with strict safety measures and will replace the current centre located in Candina

Furthermore, the building will include enough chargers for electrical vehicles not only to serve the current Viesgo Distribución fleet but also to respond to the future demand and electrification of the company’s entire fleet of vehicles. The facilities include open offices, in line with the model of the other Viesgo offices, which are extremely functional and dynamic, and that adapt to the highest standards in comfort, health and safety. Insofar as sustainability and efficiency, the building seeks to optimise resources by using the latest trends in insulation and energy saving, and efficient lighting and ventilation, as artificial light or HVAC will not longer be needed. The building has been given a Class A building energy classification, showing Viesgo’s commitment and responsibility regarding efficiency and care for the environment.