The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Commerce, Javier López Marcano, will support the Solar Barrios project presented to him by the Commercial Director of EDP, Miguel Fonseca, and the Director of B2B Sales of EDP Spain, Javier Flórez. This is a photovoltaic self-consumption initiative that consists of the installation of solar panels in public buildings, which would be in charge of EDP, whose generated energy would be used by individuals without the need for any type of installation, although it is necessary that they be grouped into communities of 200 homes or premises, within a radius of 500 meters.

The beneficiaries, who on average would achieve a 30 percent saving in their electricity consumption, would have to register in the Solar District, thus benefiting from self-consumption without having to carry out any work or installation in their home or change the electricity company . They would only have to pay a small monthly fee, which entitles a part of the installation to generate electricity and allows this consumption to be discounted from their electricity bill. In addition, thanks to the EDP Foundation, 10 percent of the energy generated would be used to help vulnerable families in the neighborhood, who would have access to it for free as they are exempt from paying the monthly payment.

According to EDP representatives, this project provides residents of the solar neighborhood with access to “more efficient, renewable, local and supportive energy, also promoting inclusion and a culture of caring for the environment.” Public-private collaboration According to the Minister of Industry, “EDP’s Solar District concept is a great example of public-private collaboration that could improve the lives of families and merchants, as it will allow them to save and help their neighbors with less It is also good for the environment because it will reduce CO2 emissions. ” Marcano has congratulated the EDP project that is currently working in Zaragoza on the start-up of the first solar district in Spain, and has been optimistic about the implementation of the initiative in Cantabria, since in addition to energy efficiency, “the project it has an important social and environmental dimension, as it includes an energy audit of the homes of the most vulnerable families, workshops on energy efficiency, energy billing and self-consumption and implementation of energy saving measures in homes “.

Fonseca and Flórez have informed Marcano that the collaboration of the EDP Foundation will also allow the processing of energy certificates, technical inspections or the replacement of basic equipment such as LEDs, radiators, boilers, etc. In this way, the project contributes to improving people’s quality of life, favoring access to affordable and non-polluting energy as established by SDG7 of the Sustainable Development Goals that the UN has set within its 2030 Agenda.

In addition to the support and development plans for renewable energies of the Ministry of Industry, this initiative is part of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) lines of action that mark EDP’s Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2025, recently approved. This plan foresees investments worth 24,000 million euros. Investments will focus on three main lines of action: growth in renewable energy, flexibility and intelligence in electricity distribution networks, and a commitment to designing and offering the most innovative solutions to its customers. This ambitious plan contributes to EDP’s goal of being one hundred percent green by 2030.