Wind turbines maintenance in Hiperión II

60 blade bearing replacements have been made in total on the wind turbines at Hiperión II wind farm in Soria. The last 18, in November 2018. The aim of this maintenance work was to strengthen this component to guarantee the output of the wind turbines. The replacements were made in batches of several turbines a year, primarily due to the complexity of the operation and to divide the impact of the work over several years. 

What has been the key to the success of the work at Hiperión 2 wind farm?

In June 2018, making the most of the fact that this is the season of the year with least production, the replacements were made on 3 turbines at the wind farm, with the last 3 replacements initially planned for 2019 being made in November, thus bringing the planned schedule forwards.The success of this work is due to its extraordinary planning, which included all the resources, services and methods required. For example, with efficiency in mind, a container was used in all the bearing replacements and went from turbine to turbine with all the tools, materials and parts necessary to do the work.