Red Activa

For the past three years, Viesgo has been participating in the Red Activa project, an initiative that is part of the Retos programme by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. The goal of this project is to develop knowledge and equipment for the optimised automation of the smart grid, improving its effectiveness. Viesgo plays an active role in all areas of the programme because, as a manager of the distribution network, it has shown the existing needs at the forefront of the area of ferroresonance, a phenomenon that causes an increase in grid voltage causing damage to transformers and interrupting the supply.  

As solutions, voltage and current sensors have been installed on our network to provide reliable, real-time information on its status, and network fault early detection systems have been implemented for predictive maintenance and better asset management. 

At Viesgo we develop innovative infrastructures to improve the condition of our assets and offer an excellent service based on Innovation and Excellence.