Port of Santander Substation

The Port of Santander is one of the most relevant economic driving forces in Cantabria and is home to many different businesses dealing in strategic sectors. Aware of the growth in demand for electricity consumption in the area, Viesgo has invested 7 million euros in the construction of new distribution infrastructures.

The project, which forms part of the Viesgo Investment Plan and has been approved by the Regional Government of Cantabria, the National Commission on Financial Markets and Competition (CNMC) and the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, includes the construction of a substation, the installation of an electricity line for connection with the distribution network, and a transformer. 

Viesgo supports the dynamic management of its network to sustainably contribute towards the transformation and modernisation of society. These installations are therefore to include the most advanced technologies in the market. 

At present, the land where the substation is to be housed is being adapted and foundations are being laid. The substation will operate with a voltage of 55/12 kV and will include 5 x 55kV positions of hybrid technology. A line running for around 4 kilometres, a 20MVA transformer and 13 Medium-Voltage cubicles are also to be installed.

The electricity line, which will be entirely underground to minimise any possible impact on the installations, will connect the substation at the Port of Santander with the Cacicedo and Nueva Montaña substations.

Around 100 people are working on the site and, to date, there has been no occupational accident thanks to the prevention work and our commitment to safety in the workplace. The work is expected to be completed by the second half of 2019.

Our commitment with Cantabria

Through the construction of the new Port of Santander substation, we are underlining our three-way commitment towards the development of Cantabria through investment in infrastructures to improve its service and increase the growth of economic demand.

At the ceremony to place the first stone of the new Port of Santander substation, Miguel Antoñanzas, the CEO of Viesgo, said that  “as company closely linked to Cantabria since it was established 112 years ago, it is very satisfying for Viesgo to invest in the area and support the region’s business network”. 

Over the next five years, our company plans to invest almost 200 million euros in our distribution infrastructures in Cantabria to improve the quality and safety of supply, to modernise and automate the network and to digitalise our activity.