New El Marquesado wind farm

The new El Marquesado wind farm located in Puerto Real, Cadiz, is already up and running. In total, 7 wind turbines measuring 97 metres in height with a unit power of 3.46 MW into which Viesgo has invested 23 million euros. Counting this wind farm, Viesgo now has 23 wind power facilities in Spain and Portugal. Almost 600 people were directly involved in building this project, which is to begin generating energy over the summer and, thanks to the Viesgo Health & Safety policy, has recorded no work-related accident involving sick leave. 

In what way is innovation present at the El Marquesado wind farm?

El Marquesado has the latest efficiency and optimisation technologies for wind farm output: 

  • The wind turbines are fitted with a smart system that enables them to automatically reduce the power generated depending on the increase in temperature, which is normally very high at the site. Therefore, at an outdoor temperature of 40ºC, the power generated drops to 1.8MW instead of their nominal power of 3.4MW, making it possible to generate energy in situations in which a normal wind turbine could not.
  • Furthermore, Viesgo is studying the possibility of installing three ultrasound sensors on the hub of the wind turbine. This provides a measurement of the wind resource hitting the turbine without affecting the pitch of the blades. This installation will also provide wind data without the need for an additional meteorological tower. 

Transferring materials and caring for the environment at El Marquesado

One of the most complex processes involved transporting the blades from China to Granada, and then by land to the wind farm. Sea and road logistics up to the 15 km nearest to the wind farm was managed by Siemens-Gamesa and coordinated by Viegso to avoid any incidents. One of the most significant challenges was the transfer of the 65-metre blades along a country road measuring 4-5 metres in width. In this sense, respect for the environment was a priority when building the wind farm. During the work, one person was permanently employed for environmental monitoring and an archaeologist to verify the excavation work. 
The El Marquesado wind farm favours the transformation of Andalusian society through the creation of direct and indirect employment and a more efficient and flexible energy for the area. Through projects like this one, Viesgo is supporting a clean and modern business model that enables it to meet European energy goals of decarbonisation, electrification of the world economy and total integration of renewable energies.