New Barreiros Substation

In Galicia, more specifically in Lugo, and under the name of Begasa (Barras Eléctricas Galaico-Asturianas, S.A.), Viesgo is working on permanently improving the electricity distribution network in Galicia, where we distribute electricity to over 170,000 customers and have a network stretching 9,000 km.

In terms of the development of infrastructures, the number of 132 kV substations supplying electricity to Begasa customers has doubled over the past 20 years from five to eleven. 

One of the latest investments we have made in Galicia was the construction of Barreiros Substation in A Mariña, Lugo. This is a very important infrastructure that allows for the control of the flows of energy with Asturias and with all the wind farms. 

Benefits of the new Barreiros Substation

Barreiros Substation will improve interconnection between the 132 kV electricity systems in Asturias and Galicia and the management of the power transmission from connected wind power produced in the area. Furthermore, the equipment installed uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure operating safety. 

The new substation has two systems, one with 132 kV voltage and the other with 20 kV to measure and protect the Auxiliary Services Transformer from which the installation is powered in alternating current. In addition to the project, the 132 kV lines connecting the substation to the surrounding network are being built, allow for this interconnection and management of energy transmission. 

Viesgo’s electricity company in Lugo, Begasa, focuses its efforts in Galicia on providing the best service and best assistance for our customers, with a firm commitment towards the safety and quality of distribution as the mainstays of all the activities it undertakes. It is therefore immersed in the in-depth transformation of area’s electricity distribution network.