Optimising the service and minimising the environmental impact of our business are two of Viesgo’s main goals. Aware of the fact that good weather conditions mean that more energy can be carried through the distribution network, we have developed DYNELEC along with the University of Cantabria. The project allows for the increased integration of renewable energies in the electricity networks by monitoring the weather conditions, providing consumers with a better supply quality. 

The constant increase in renewable energy generation facilities connected to the distribution networks is making the operating of these infrastructures increasingly complex. The networks are sometimes unable to absorb all the energy generated and distributors occasionally have to request restrictions to limit and event completely halt production at renewable energy plants. DYNELEC solves this problem by allowing for greater absorption of renewable energy and a lesser need to create additional infrastructures. 

Viesgo was the first distributor in Spain to put the studies relating to dynamic network management into practice, with proven results. DYNELEC is primarily implemented in the regions of Galicia and Asturias, which have high-voltage electricity distribution networks connecting areas with high wind energy production.