Reducing energy losses has historically been one of the main focal points of electricity distribution companies. With this in mind, DEPNOTEC (Detection of Non-Technical Losses) was created, in which Viesgo has been able to use its leading position in the implementation of smart meters, as they not only provide user consumption data but also inform of any abnormality in their operations. 

DEPNOTEC seeks to reduce the impact of non-technical losses (those produced as a result of activities not attributable to energy distribution itself) and to detect irregularities in low-voltage networks using predictive and technical data analysis models. 

Detecting fraud using the traditional method is based on visual inspection, whereas the model developed by Viesgo provides the unattended analysis and monitoring of information, generating instant notifications, reducing the resources used to locate losses and focusing our efforts on correcting them and on preventing fraud. Our innovation and leadership values have formed the starting point of this ambitious project.