Work-life balance and equality

VIESGOPeopleWork-life balance and equality

We promote equal opportunities

Promoting equal opportunities is one of the driving forces that makes us grow as a company. The Viesgo Code of Ethics, Collective Bargaining Agreement and Equality Plan control the work and employment conditions and guarantee aspects such as the allocation of jobs, remuneration and discipline. Our Equality Plan seeks to integrate the gender perspective into all areas of the company, ensuring that the decisions involving selection processes are not based on suppositions associated to reasons of sex, race or age, and to promote and improve the possibilities of access to jobs of responsibility by women. Alongside this, we have a Sexual Abuse and Gender-based Abuse Prevention and Action Protocol, and our Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes special measures to protect victims of gender-based violence.

STEM Programme

To promote the development of young female talent and encourage the vocation of women to study in technical fields, Viesgo sponsors the Mujer y Talento (Woman and Talent) Foundation of Cantabria. One of the foundation’s programmes is the STEM Talent Girl Cantabria project that seeks to develop STEM vocations (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in youngsters and to mentor and accompany them until they begin their careers.

Programa STEM

Comitted towards the Work-Life Balance

Viesgo wants its employees to make their professional and personal aspirations come true, because the true energy moving our company are the people, and at Viesgo we foster and promote the work-life balance through actions such as reduced working hours, remote work, paid leave of absence, maternity and breastfeeding leave and leave of absence to look after relatives. We are a flexible company that is committed to the work excellence and the quality of life of our employees as a means of reaching a balance between professional aspirations and devoting one’s time to one’s family.

Code of conduct

Viesgo has an obligatory Code of Conduct that controls coexistence in our plants and sets the guidelines to follow in special situations. Respect, conflict solving or the free personality development are concepts we include in this document and that therefore become part of our everyday lives. Of course, we have a zero-tolerance commitment towards gender-based violence, collaborating with the authorities and offering victims protection.

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Training and talent

We promote talent as a means of generating value and encouraging personal growth.

Health and safety

Committed to the goal of “Zero accidents” to guarantee personal safety.

Sustainable Development Goals

We work to meet other Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.