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Supporting talent

At Viesgo we firmly believe that attracting and retaining talent are key to guaranteeing an innovative company that is ready to face the change in the energy sector and committed personnel who are involved in the mission and vision of the company. We therefore encourage their development within the company through continuous training programmes and promoting internal mobility. Alongside this, we follow an employer branding strategy that focuses on attracting talent, in which our VIESGO First Experience grants play a key role.

Viesgo Talent retention

What are the First Experience Grants?

This is Viesgo’s work experience programme that seeks to attract young talent to different areas of the business and generate a social impact on the areas where we are present. It is a benchmark for development and for generating youth employment. The programme is aimed at university students during their final years of study, master’s students or post-graduate students seeking true work experience in our company.

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Viesgo First Experience

Training, supporting the future

The continuous development and training of our professionals plays an essential role in us meeting our personal and professional goals. Through the design of specific training programmes, Viego’s training policies enable our employees to acquire new knowledge and skills to undertake their duties and responsibilities, both present and future. Management and Personnel Development, Time Management and Planning, Team Management and Negotiations, or Language Programmes are just some of the training activities we promote for the professional growth of our employees. Of course, taking a front seat in all this are the courses on occupational safety and risk prevention, which we believe vital for our employees.

Viesgo First Experience

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Health and sport

We take pioneering action, such as our night races, to promote sport.

Work-life balance and equality

We ensure equal opportunities with work-life balance policies.

Culture and education

We promote musical training among children through our agreement with the Albéniz Foundation.