Health and safety

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Safety comes first

We have a slogan at Viesgo: “Safety comes first”. The safety of the people working at Viesgo is a strategic priority and an unarguable cornerstone of our company’s business. In order to meet the goal of “Zero Accidents”, our Safety, Health and Environment Policy, which must be known and fulfilled by the entire workforce, includes the principles for reaching this figure.

The reduction in accidents at the plants includes implementing prevention and awareness activities, such as specific training, safe start meetings, safety induction, inspections, contractor management or the encouraging of safety suggestions, with the aim of ensuring each employees remains aware of the surrounding safety conditions and planned activities for the working day.

Seguridad laboral

For a healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organisation defines health as a status of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illnesses. Along these lines, at Viesgo we are aware that this status of well-being is closely linked to job satisfaction. We therefore promote care for physical and mental health through the launch of internal awareness campaigns and activities related to smoking, stress, obesity, healthy eating or musculoskeletal disorders, all discussed from a positive viewpoint, highlighting prevention and covering it in an original way through different campaigns.

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Training and talent

We believe training to be a basic tool for personal growth.

Work-life balance and equality

We support the well-being and equality of our workforce, with work-life balance plans.

Health and sport

We encourage sports among children through the Viesgo Football Cup.