Our team

José Manuel Castaño

Labor Relations

I am proud to be part of VIESGO because it is committed to society and to the wellbeing of those who have formed the basis of the company over its 110-plus years of history.

Sofía Cuervas-Mons

Customer service

I love being part of Viesgo because it considers and values people, which is reflected in the means of ensuring a work-life balance and other social benefits we can enjoy.

José Carlos Canosa

Renewable operations

I am proud to work at Viesgo for many reasons: because of its safety, because it cares for the environment and because I know that I will always have the chance to continue growing and developing in Viesgo.

Seguridad y Salud Viesgo

Health and safety

Seguridad y Salud Viesgo

Viesgo is a company that works with and for people. Therefore, the safety and well-being of our employees have become strategic goals of the company. In order to strengthen and promote the safety culture in Viesgo, we have started many different health and occupational safety campaigns to prevent risks, make personnel aware of the importance of performing our everyday work in the best conditions, and promoting a healthier lifestyle in all areas.

Training and talent

Formacion y talento Viesgo

One of our values is innovation, but its development and implementation are not possible without firm support for training, which is why training and talent are two deep-rooted areas in Viesgo. To improve and promote the qualifications of our employees and their professional development, we have specific, adapted training plans not only for their present jobs but also the new skills and requirements of a world that is constantly changing and evolving.

Formacion y talento Viesgo
Conciliacion e igualdad Viesgo

Diversity, inclusion and equality

Conciliacion e igualdad Viesgo

Finding the balance between work and home life is one of the main goals of Viesgo’s work-life balance plan. We are therefore working towards creating a culture that makes this goal come true through the implementation of specific measures. This would not be possible without our equality policies that promote equal opportunities between men and women.

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