• Crisa Mini Hydro Power Plant

Country   SPAIN

Province   MURCIA

Power   5,25 MW

Year   60s

This is a network of five mini hydro power plants that Viesgo has distributed around the Region of Murcia (Moratalla, Alhama de Murcia and Totana), but which are connected together by a network of 110 kilometres of electricity lines owned by the company, and with a maximum spillway reaching 160 metres. It was named after the company that built the system in the 60s, Crisa, which was a real milestone in terms of renewable energy in the area and that Viesgo has revamped to offer a high-quality service adapted to modern times. In fact, an innovative and unusual aspect of these types of facility is that they pump drinking water for residential use from the Association of Municipalities of Canales del Taibilla in the Segura river basin.


  • Guadalimar Hydro Power Plant

Country   SPAIN

Province   JAÉN

Power   20 MW

Year   2006

This is actually a hydro power plant because it has a power of over 10 MW. Its 20 MW make it the most important of Viesgo Renovables. It is located in the municipality of Ibros in Jaen, and produces hydraulic power using the flow of water from Giribaile reservoir, which reaches 30 m3/s at its maximum capacity and has a maximum spillway of almost 70 metres. It was commissioned in 2006 and primarily pumps water for irrigation, evacuating the Guadalimar river, which is an affluent of the Guadalquivir river.