Renewable energies

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The force of the wind

Inexhaustible, clean and efficient. This how the wind that blows in Viesgo’s 24 wind farms and that we use to produce quality electricity can be described. We produce electricity from over 405 MW capacity among all our facilities located in Spain and Portugal, showing our commitment to renewable energies and the production of clean, environment-friendly energy.

Our wind farms stand out for their state-of-the-art technology and continuous investment in maintenance, which enables us to prolong the working life of the wind turbines. At Viesgo we seek to combine the production of renewable energy with conserving the environment and, therefore, among other measures to minimise environmental impact, our facilities are adapted to their surroundings with a number of wind turbines in line with the characteristics and singularities of the land: from the 5 at Espinhaço de Cão to the 133 at Páramo de Poza.

Infografia parque eolico
Infografia parque eolico

The power of water

The driving force of Viesgo’s hydro power plants is the water from the Taibilla river (Murcia) and the Guadalimar river (Jaen), with spillways reaching heights of 160 metres and that enable us to produce electricity from more than 25 MW of power capacity. This figure completes our mix of clean, renewable energies and contributes towards the energy transition in Spain.

But what are the main advantages of this type of plant? They are non-pollutant, as they emit no greenhouse gases, they produce clean, renewable energy that comes from water, maintenance costs are low and the sites have a long working life, they are constant because the river is permanently flowing, and lastly, they help turn the surroundings into an environmentally sustainable area.

Infografia centrales hidraulicas
Infografia centrales hidraulicas

Eolic and Hidraulic plants

Renewables projects

Parque eolico el marquesado

New El Marquesado wind farm

Parque eolico Hiperion 2

Wind turbine maintenance at Hiperión II

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