• Los Barrios thermal power plant

Country   SPAIN

Province   CÁDIZ

Power   588,98 MW

Year  1985

Los Barrios thermal power plant was commissioned in 1985 and is now considered one of the most efficient in Spain and Europe. In fact, Los Barrios was one of the latest power plants to be built using this technology and its design involved environment-friendly technology.

Viesgo’s commitment to the environment and to sustainable production has led to a combustion gas desulphurisation plant (sulphur emissions from the coal are reduced by over 95%) and a denitrifier to comply with environmental law, in which over 60 million euros has been invested and that has allowed for a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. This is one of the best examples of how Viesgo devotes its efforts and investment to environmentally maintaining and improving its facilities.

Los Barrios holds important environmental certificates from AENOR and IQNet for Environmental Management, including ISO 14001 and 9001. It currently has a total gross power of 588.98 MW, using imported soft coal as fuel with excellent technical and environmental qualities (high calorific value and low sulphur content), and it is able to store 250,000 t of coal and produce enough energy to supply one and a half million homes a year.