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Producing conventional energy

At present, Viesgo Producción manages one termal power plant in Andalusia: Los Barrios, in the province of Cadiz.

Central termica de generacion electrica

But what does conventional energy production in Viesgo’s thermal power plant involve? In simple terms, it is a process in which we use coal as a fuel to release heat in special boilers. This heat is then used to complete a thermodynamic cycle of steam that moves an alternator and this, in turn, produces the final electricity, which we transfer to the grid. In short, the chemical energy contained in the fuel is transformed at the plant into thermal energy in the boiler, which then turns into mechanical energy in the turbine and, lastly, into electrical energy in the generator.

However, this type of coal-fired electricity production has evolved considerably over recent years, especially thanks to the plant greening projects that have enabled them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This has been the case of our energy production plant, which has been awarded Environmental Management certificates by AENOR and IQNet, in line with ISO 14001 and 9001.

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Coal-fired power stations

Electric generation projects

Central termica de los barrios

Greening of the Los Barrios thermal power plant

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