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Electricity distribution in Spain is a regulated activity. Along these lines, we distribute over an area of 31.300 kilometres of networknetwork that runs through Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Tarragona and, most particularly, Cantabria, where Viesgo was established and started out in the sector in 1906. We are also present in Galicia, primarily in Lugo, under the name of Begasa (Barras Eléctricas Galaico-Asturianas, S.A.), a company owned by Viesgo. In total, Viesgo Distribución provides its services to almost 700,000 users, making us the fourth most important electricity distributor in Spain.

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The entire Viesgo Distribución network has been awarded ISO certificates, especially the Asset Management certificate – and not just because we were the first Spanish distributor to obtain it, but also because it recognises the efficient management of our assets, proving our commitment to excellence and leadership.

Our commitment to society can be seen through the service quality, measured using TIEPI (unit of measurement indicating the minutes of service interruptions per year), which stands at 37.5 minutes in the Group, one of the most positive points in the history of our company. To keep quality at maximum levels, we are constantly investing in new infrastructures and in grid maintenance, as well as in many different major projects that strengthen our position as a responsible company that is committed to the evolution of the sector.

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Register and arrange everything flexibly and simply via the website:

• If you live in Cantabria, Asturias or in the north of Castilla y León, access the website viesgodistribucion.com/tramites

• If you live in Lugo, access the website begasa.es/tramites

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Smart meter

Smart meter

Viesgo was the first Spanish electricity company to replace all analogue meters for remotely-managed meters, which was implemented two years prior to the term set by law (December 2018), and promotes this new technology that makes the Spanish electricity system both flexible and reliable.

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Distribution Proyects

Subestacion del puerto santander

Port of Santander substation


Control center at PCTCAN

Mieres Substation

Mieres Substation

Subestacion barreiros

Barreiros Substation

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