LIFE + “StopCortaderia”

Conservation of biodiversity is one of the main goals of Viesgo in terms of
environmental and social issues. Our commitment to preserving ecosystems involves our collaboration in funding the LIFE + “StopCortaderia” project to eliminate the invasive pampas grass in the northern part of Spain.

This project implements twenty-odd actions relating to prior preparatory studies, the work directly involving elimination and control, monitoring and tracking of the results and the dissemination of these initiatives, as well as making society aware of them.
The areas of special action are the coasts, which are included in the Atlantic region of the Natura 2000 Network, where they are to be fully eliminated, whereas their expansion is to be contained inland to increase the list of municipalities that are free of pampas grass. This initiative, with the participation of SEO BirdLife and social organisations such as AMPROS, SERCA and AMICA, also receives funds from the European Commission, the Ministry of Development, the Regional Government of Cantabria, the Regional Government of Galicia and private organisations.