Fostering solidarity, healthy life and family sports is the spirit of the Viesgo Night Race, the night races of Viesgo held in Santander, Lugo and Mieres . Some sports and solidarity events organized by Viesgo in which, in addition to promoting health care through sports, have a deep solidarity character since we contribute everything collected in the registration of the careers to the Food Bank association.

One of the main features of the Viesgo Night Race is the headlamp used by runners. An idea that connects with the business model of our company since the light from the participants’ lanterns illuminates the streets of the cities, making a nod to energy efficiency and saving electricity.

Since its inception in 2013 and thanks to the generosity of 15,482 runners and other people who have wanted to participate in the donations, the aid to the Food Banks of Santander, Lugo and Mieres has been 42,174 euros and more than 4,000 kg of food.

The Viesgo Night Race of Viesgo have received numerous recognitions for their work, such as the Best Sports Event in Spain and Portugal award, granted by the Evento Plus Awards, or the Social Enterprise Award for Best Responsible Project for Sports.