Our values

Viesgo is an electricity company that is committed to the environment and to the quality of service on all levels: for both end users and for internal clients and stakeholders related in one way or another to our generation and distribution businesses. Therefore, the four values that guide our every-day business are excellence, innovation, leadership and responsibility.

Valores empresariales Viesgo


The only path to becoming increasingly efficient and better at everything we do and how we do it. Our strength lies with our commitment to generating value in every area of our business and for all of our stakeholders, thereby delivering our objectives in terms of shareholder returns.


We are permanently looking to the future. We believe in continuous improvement in order to react flexibly and nimbly to changing market circumstances. This is why we promote technological development and process innovation, which is what facilitates our sustainable growth.


We want to be a benchmark in the market, renowned for our ability to develop new infrastructures, solutions and services. We work as a team, united by our vision and conviction, in search of opportunities, advantages and achievements that set us apart, moved by trustworthiness and professionalism of the highest order, the hallmarks of our personality.


We care about people. This is why we nurture Safety, health and environmental protection as non-negotiable commitments of our culture. We work hard to have a positive impact on our operating communities by creating social, environmental and cultural ties.

VIESGO Commitment

Responsibility is one of the main values of Viesgo. We are therefore proud to present our “Viesgo Commitment” to quality and transparency in our processes, activities and with our suppliers. If you have detected any irregularity or behaviour that is not in line with the values represented in our company or our business ethics, please inform us of such using this form. The more details you can provide, the better we can look into it.

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