Timeline de nuestra historia

  • 1906

    Electra de Viesgo is born

    Fernando Villaamil Iglesias and Luis Castillo Gogorza founded Electra de Viesgo after purchasing Sociedad General de Centrales Eléctricas, a company responsible for supplying electricity in Santander. Its initial capital was 1,000,000 pesetas, and its infrastructure was limited to a hydro power plant in Puente Viesgo and a 25km power line connecting the town with Santander.

  • 1910

    The first acquisitions

    First acquisition of Electra de Viesgo: the Bárcena dam, from Eléctrica de Besaya to increase its hydroelectric production. This purchase was followed by other dams in Cantabria, and the acquisition of its first thermal power plant: Astillero.

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  • 1920

    Bet on hydroelectric generation

    Hydroelectric generation continued to increase for Viesgo: it entered the Asturias market with the purchase of Energía Eléctrica de Asturias and the operating of hydraulic dams on the Cares and Aller rivers, among other points.

  • 40s and 50s

    Acquisition of Electra de Pasiega

    Its growth continued with new hydraulic works in Asturias and the takeover of the Cantabrian Electra Pasiega, owner of the dams in the central valleys of the region.

  • 1957

    Continued growth

    Construction began on the thermal power plant of Soto de Ribera in Asturias. That same year, Viesgo and Iberduero founded Nuclenor to subsequently operate the nuclear power plant of Garoña.

    Image credits: XLSemanal-50 años de centrales nucleares en España

  • Años 70 y 80


    A period of consolidation for Electra de Viesgo, with the start of the thermal power plant of Velilla del Río Carrión (1964) and the nuclear power plant of Garoña (1971).

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  • 1983

    Banco Santander acquires Electra de Viesgo

    A series of important corporate changes began in the company: Banco Santander, which decided to enter the energy sector, acquired Electra de Viesgo.

  • 90s and the new century

    Endesa and Enel

    In 1991, the company was taken over by Endesa which, 11 years later, sold it to the Italian energy group Enel that renamed it Enel-Viesgo. 2006 saw the company?s centenary.

  • 2008 – 2018

    E.ON and the new shareholders

    In 2008, the German multinational E.ON took over Enel-Viesgo in its project to create E.ON España, and in 2015 it was sold to the Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund and Wren House Infrastructure, the current shareholders of Viesgo. That same year, the Group purchased 49% of Begasa (Barras Eléctricas Galaico Asturianas) from Naturgy and increased its distribution network. During this time, it recovered its original and current name: Viesgo.

  • 2019

    Construction of the wind farm El Marquesado

    A new wind farm is built in Puerto Real, Cádiz, El Marquesado. 7 wind turbines, 24 MW of installed power and 23 million euros of investment.

  • 2020

    Macquaire, Viesgo´s sole shareholder.

    Australian infrastructure fund Macquarie, Viesgo’s main shareholder (60%), buys 40% of the Cantabrian power company from its Kuwaiti partner Wren House Infraestructures.