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VIESGOAbout Viesgo

Who are we?

Viesgo is an electricity company that bases its business on the generation and distribution of electricity. With almost 700,000 customers in the north of Spain and a production of around 1,400 MW, of which a large part is from clean, renewable sources, Viesgo is a fundamental player in our country’s energy transition.



The only way to achieve higher levels of efficiency and better results every day in everything we do and how we do it.


We believe in continuous improvement to respond with maximum flexibility and agility to changes in the sector.


We want to be a reference in the sector for our ability to develop infrastructures, solutions and innovative services.


We care about people. That is why we promote safety, health and the environment as irrevocable commitments of our culture.



Viesgo has changed a lot since it was founded in Puente Viesgo, Cantabria in 1906. From the initial 25 km of electric power lines, its current network now stretches over 31,000 km, and the original local energy generation has become vast production spread around different parts of Spain and Portugal. However, the enthusiasm of offering an excellent service remains as alive today as it was on the very first day. Discover our history on the timeline.