Viesgo is the fourth distributor of electricity in Spain. Our network of over 31,000 kilometres stretches around the north of the country in the autonomous communities of Cantabria, Galicia, Asturias and Castilla y León. As well as its extension, the Viesgo network is also extremely reliable and offers excellent supply quality.

The sector is facing the energy transition, which it offers great opportunities to the distribution business. The traditional electricity grids will be the main protagonists of the change as they evolve towards smart grids that will facilitate a more renewable and distributed generation. Viesgo already has an outstanding leadership in areas such as electronic metering, process digitalization and efficiency-oriented innovation.

Not only do we distribute, but we also generate energy. We are firm supporters of clean, renewable sources, primarily wind power, and we have over 20 wind farms throughout Spain and Portugal. We also use water, thanks to two mini hydro power plants located in Jaen and Murcia. In total, almost 500 MW of installed net power.

About Viesgo

We are energy

Electricity generation and distribution are the two mainstays of our company with which we drive our country towards a better and more sustainable future.

Prevailing values

We stand out for our excellent service, continuous innovation, leadership in the sector and responsibility with the environment.

Always growing

Since we were established in 1906, the company has firmly supported the future of the sector and the wellbeing of its customers and employees.